Addressing Workplace Violence Activities

Address workplace violence activities by using the following tools and resources. Every workplace has one or more of these activities occurring in it, so to be on the safe side, monitor these activities and report any occurrences that may affect your or a co-worker's health and safety.

One resource to use when attempting to address workplace violence activities is the Workplace Harassment hotline. You can call toll free at (877) 504-6959 for more information about this resource. There is no charge to use this service.

Another resource is the American Association of University Women (AAUW). They also have a number to call. The toll free number is 800-656-HOPE.

There are many organizations that provide assistance to those who experience workplace harassment. Many of these organizations also support the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). It is possible that an organization or company will be one of the many identified as being in violation of federal regulations because of their workplace violence activities.

Other resources are the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Women's Resources. Some other resources include the United States Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), which is also known as the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Offices. They are available to discuss your specific concerns regarding workplace violence.

You may also wish to contact your state's department of labor. There is information on the department's website as well as contact information for your state's office. Some of these offices are referred to as the office of human rights or are known as the office of labor standards.

You should realize that many workplaces already have an established and safe work environment. You can help to create a safe workplace by making the workplace and its activities safer for everyone by reporting the situation to the appropriate authorities and making any necessary adjustments to the work environment.

As you consider the availability of additional resources, please take note of any professional organizations that you are aware of in your area. They may provide valuable insight and assistance as you address workplace violence in your workplace.

It is important to look over any safety measures that may be in place in your workplace. If you have a job that requires certain types of safety equipment to be worn, it may be wise to review these procedures and make certain that they meet your requirements. You may find that there are new safety regulations that need to be implemented in your workplace.

For example, if you are required to wear a protective mask while working with toxic substances, make sure that you check for or verify that these safety checks are carried out, and that the masks are in good condition. If you have difficulty performing the safety check, it is wise to consult the safety training of your employer.

In addition, address workplace violence activities by using your common sense alone. If you believe that something is wrong, it is advisable to report the situation as soon as possible.

Be aware that you may need to contact the authorities. As soon as you have been made aware of the problem, be sure to document the incidents that occur in your workplace so that they can be addressed when they occur.

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